H&H Shooting Sports Complex


Our start was an odd one it seems. Miles and Jayne Hall, our founders, were not always gun owners. They were, however, a young, newly married couple with a baby daughter and a strong desire to not live in an apartment. Although they had saved up money for a home, they discovered no bank was willing to finance a young married couple into a home. So they went and bought a top of the line mobile home and were very blessed to find an exclusive park in which to live. The park was located next to a lake and all looked great until the first weekend of Spring came. Some of the visitors to the lake were enough to encourage the Halls to get a gun and they set out to learn how to shoot it safely.After consulting with several gun shops, they found a range and went to visit. “The experience was just great,” said Miles. “We really enjoyed the magic of shooting but found the facility had much to be desired. It was very dirty and obviously hand-made in appearances. But what finally made the decision for us was that we felt we could provide a better place and serve the long-term interest of the sport of shooting.” They found a real need for a business that would develop the sport and teach gun safety programs at every level. They took their savings, sold their home and found a bank that believed in the dream and built H&H Gun Range.The first location was on 10th Street just west of Council road. The 4,800 square foot facility held 10 lanes and a classroom and a lobby. The facility was very classy for the time but as word got around and customer count grew, it was clear that a larger facility was needed. After interviewing one thousand of the current customers at random, they, along with employees and a small group of investors, finalized plans and started looking for a new site.Much effort was taken in making sure that the new site would be large enough and still have room to grow in the future. “I knew when we drove up to the current site at I-40 & Meridian that we were home.” stated Miles. “It has great visibility and expandability with plenty of parking and easy access for our customers in wheelchairs.”imagesThe current location faces I-40 and is 82,500 square feet with 61 lanes for shooting (6 Olympic air gun lanes, 12 pistol lanes at 25 yards, 24 rifle lanes at 30 yards, 15 lanes for archery at 20 yards and 4 lanes in the Techno-Hunt archery simulator), large meeting/classroom, Gunsmith room, Retail area and Lobby. The building is filled with animal mounts from all over the world and is a popular stop for even those that do not currently shoot just to enjoy the atmosphere.The future of our business seems very exciting and you are welcome to be a part by just visiting the store anytime. By the way, H&H stands for Hers & His because Jayne still out shoots Miles.


400 south vermont suite 110
i-40 and meridian
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108
United States

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